Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Little Sister Chronicles

The Little Sister Chronicles is now available on Amazon!!

Four stories of erotic adventure. 

Amber knows a lot about disappointment. She’s watched as her older brothers and sisters have grown tired of their boring, mundane lives—and she’s determined not to follow in their footsteps. So she’s come up with a plan to taste all the delectable sweetness that life has to offer…one man at a time.

Wild Ride: Amber starts her journey by seducing the one guy she can’t stop thinking about—even if he is the one that’s most off limits. 

Hard Lesson: Amber tries for extra credit, but gets more than she bargains for when she sucks up to her professor.

Bad Trouble: When the cops show up,  Amber learns there is a punishment for every crime.

Big Day: It’s her first day on the job, but Amber doesn’t have work on her mind when she finds herself alone with the boss.


The Little Sister Chronicles are four erotic short stories featuring explicit and taboo sex.

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