The Acadian Curse Series

A centuries old curse. A full moon. A hidden craving. They say every man has his demons, but for the men of the LaCroix family it’s more than just a saying.

Bound By Desire

Veterinarian Sarah McIntire isn’t thrilled to be back in the small mountain town she grew up in. It seems that the only thing that’s changed in the last decade is the ownership of the largest ranch in the county. When she’s called out to save one of his horses, Sarah finds the new owner infuriating and sexy as hell, but it isn’t until he starts to change form in front of her that she realizes that he is much more than the ordinary man he pretends to be.

Grant LaCroix has spent his life running from the curse that ripped his family apart. It took him years to build the discipline and control to create a semi-normal existence, but all that is threatened the moment the tempting little doctor walks onto his ranch. Grant is no longer certain if he can control the cursed creature inside him that demands her surrender…or if he wants to.

Masters of Mercy Series

The masters of Mercy Club would like to issue an invitation.

Dark Mercy

Entry into San Francisco’s newest hot spot is by invite only, but that hasn’t kept journalist Cassandra Davis from digging into what is really going on behind the walls of the ultra-exclusive venue. When its mysterious owner Richard Guildford finally grants her an interview, Cassandra is determined to uncover his secrets.

But it's Cassandra’s secrets that interest Richard. The curious little reporter may seem tough, but he can see right through her. He knows exactly how to satisfy her forbidden cravings...and all the time in the world to do it.

Secret Mercy

Paige Murphy would like nothing more than to spend her birthday alone. Unfortunately, fate has other plans. Her best friend is determined to get her into San Francisco’s most exclusive venue. There’s only one problem, Paige doesn’t have an invitation, and no one gets into Mercy Club without one.

Alan Fitzhugh has spent centuries trying to avoid his destiny, until the timid Paige shows up at his door. He can sense her every secret desire, and he’s compelled to help her find her voice…especially if it means making her beg.

Savage Mercy

Ancient warrior Raine Grimmson is not content to wait for destiny to find him. Instead he hunts down the only woman who can restore what he sacrificed centuries ago...and he won't take no for an answer.

CJ Dunn is tired of being told what she can't do, like how she can't have her dream job or live in her apartment anymore. At least at her favorite club she can drink what she wants and move how she wants. That’s her plan for her last night in the city, until the fiercest man CJ has ever met singles her out on the dance floor.

Raine's body promises savage pleasures, and, what's more, he says she can't refuse. Or can she?

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